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Heart Lantern by Susan Skites

Inspired by the days getting longer, Adi Shakti Studio will be playing with the idea and creating projects associated with Light through the month of April.  Come on into Open Studio and to create your own outdoor lantern using stiff slab construction that can adorn your patio or deck this summer.   Pinch, coil, or throw a small bowl to transform into an oil lamp fueled by safe and renewable olive oil, get a little fancy and infuse that olive oil with some fresh herbs from your garden.  Or create a set of Luminaries to give as a thoughtful gift this mother’s day.  To create a simple yet beautiful clay luminary, begin with a box shape created using stiff slab construction.  Punch holes through the side with a circular  punch tool  randomly or in a pattern you create to let the candle light shine through, you can even use spaghetti to create smaller holes around your design that will burn out in the kiln.  Does this make you hungary to find out more?   Join us at Open Studio this April!  We have openings most Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Use our contact page to reserve a spot.



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