encaustic in process
cold wax fox

My Approach

I believe in the "Shak" of Shakti...that we are ALL  are able to create art.  If we can let go of our egos and our preset ideas of what it means to be an artist. In the place where we let go of the idea of not "being" creative.  We can let go of the judgements of others and our fiercely critical inner voice.  It is then, we can create a practice of doing art that will enhance our sense of calm, allow us to play again and become more creative individuals.  It is my job as a teacher to coax you into silencing all those critical voices and habits while providing interesting, meaningful projects where there are no right answers just numerous pathways thru ambiguity into your creativity. It is in the classroom that I found my super power is in guiding students through the creative process.  Finding ways to ask the questions that bring more meaning out in your artwork.  To help students figure out why certain ideas or images manifest in their artwork and what they could mean.  I find people fascinating and through through listening, discussion and asking questions, a great sense of community and connection is built when we join together with open hearts.


My Story

As a young adult I'd lose myself in art and writing as a way to cope with the strange things that were going on in my life.  Art always was a place of centered calm for me.  In college, I found myself ready to major in Studio Art with an emphasis on Ceramics.  But as much as I love to spend my time considering the divine energies of the ether, I am also very grounded and knew I would need to one day make a living.  So I added on Education to my degree.  Never knowing that it would be teaching that would run as a loose thread throughout my entire adult life. I have taught all ages of students from preschool - adults.  I teach local events through Art Friends with my collaborator and dear friend Anne.  We occasionally put on a retreat to escape the reality of life and head to the forest to write and paint for a weekend.  Or you can find me here, teaching online and bringing people together in an online community of artists who want more than just a video on techniques.