About Adi Shakti

Adi Shakti defined: Shakti from Sanskrit shak – “to be able,” meaning sacred force or empowerment. Shakti is the concept, or personification, of divine creative power. The Shakti is responsible for creation, it is also the agent of all change.

Adi Shakti Studio is a relaxed, easy going environment that allows space for your inner creativity to come out of hibernation. Open Studio times are about independent learning and expression. Questions may always be asked and pointers will be given to ensure success, but learning through doing is the adventure here. You must feel & experience the boundaries of clay through successes and failures to truly understand the essence of working with it. It is a medium that is versatile and ever changing. Clay can be transformed into rough textures like stone or transcend into something as smooth as glass. Open Studio time is about exploring your creative power and experiencing the process of creation. Bring an i-pod and tune out or into your inner creativity, or bring a friend to chat with as you relax and create. Hot tea is served and you are welcome to bring any food or beverage.

About Heather Duggan Anderson:

Heather graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1997 with a degree in  Art Eduction with an emphasis on Ceramics and Drawing and a minor in Art History.  After doing some traveling around Europe she moved to Oregon.  In 1999, she took an Art Teaching position at Jewett Middle School and Reedsport High School on the Southern Oregon Coast.  After a handful of years of staying at home with her two daughters she and her husband Kyle renovated their shop and started Adi Shakti Studio in Canby, Oregon.  She continues to share her love of art and the creation process by teaching classes in the studio and in the local schools.  When Heather is not in the studio she loves to read books with her family, do yoga or be outside any chance she can get.

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