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What’s happening in and around the studio.

What's happening in and around the studio.


This past week the stomach flu came thru our household and created a wild ruckus.  It was probably one of the busiest weekends we had planned.  Which is kind of different.  I am usually anti-busy.  I don’t particularly like running from one thing to another.  But this last weekend I just didn’t want to say no to anything.  But just like that a little virus threw on the breaks for me.  The upside of being stuck at home with sickuns…down time = time to sneak out to the studio!

I have been wanting to share some of the mixed media pieces I have been working on. None of them are finished.  But here is a sneak peak of what is happening in and around the studio…



Weekly Reader Inspired

My most exciting project right now happened while going through some old children’s books.  I found this weekly reader book called “Elidor” and the something, something.  Well, I loved the illustrations, they were very Nordic looking to me.  I intentionally did not read the story but instead let the illustrations and two random pages of the text decide a story for me.  I sat down with a sharpie and blocked out enough words to create a hint towards a story that is still unfolding in my mind.  Which I will be sure to share with you as progress continues.

Custom pieces ready to ship

These two platters I am only giving you a hint of to be sure to not ruin the surprise for anyone.  A very kind fellow approached me about creating a custom piece for his wife for their wedding anniversary.  Knowing that they both have spent a great deal of time on a beautiful midwestern lake which has been central to their relationship, I used images and my own memories of the lake for the glaze work that is completely NOT visible here except for the absolute glossiness.  I tried to steer clear of loons and sailboats and created a more abstract representation about how the blue of the sky reaches down into the blue of the lake broken only by the horizon of lush green that explodes where earth and dirt meet water.  I created both pieces to have a wave like sense of motion.  But why two pieces…well, when it comes to Custom pieces with a deadline, I am paranoid.  But here’s the best part.  I mentioned this fellow is very kind, because he bought both.  One for his bride and one for his Mom!

The Man working on his new “to him” boat

On the subject of lakes, here is also some very big news.  My dear husband Kyle bought a boat.  I knew I was out of excuses when a tree came down and more driveway was leveled and graveled to make room for her.  I’m not sure how I feel about her yet.  I am a taurus and quite jealous of his time as it is.  But I must say in these summer months with the studio door opened wide,  I have enjoyed his tinkering and in and out company and even the requests for help as I create.  She might still be growing on me, but he’s smitten.

My Journal

Here is a little peak at one of my journal pages in progress.  My eldest daughter just had a birthday and is currently obsessed with archery.  So I am piggy backing her enthusiasm to see where it leads.

Playing Pretend

And for my final thought.  Lu has been all about playing pretend in this “sheboat” in the driveway.  I captured this photo while she was at the helm.  It brought me way back to the feeling of excitement created by a new car, or tractor, or desk, whatever… that was brought to the house when I was a child.  About how I would play pretend for hours and lose myself in the imagination of it all.  Testing out new levers and buttons and compartments.  It reminded me of how I still lose myself in the studio, about how lucky I am to be able to still have that experience as an adult.  Does creating art have this affect on anyone else?  What makes you completely lose yourself from time and space?




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