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Classroom Auction Projects

 Classroom Auction Projects

I can see the finish line in sight when it comes to the Canby Community Preschool Auction Projects.  I have been working with a great team of people and this weekend we are finally seeing some of our projects near completion.  We set out to make some Projects with the Preschool Students that fill two objectives, the first is obvious that the student have a hand in making the projects and secondly, that it would be something that you would want in your house, even if you aren’t a parent of a preschooler who would just want it because their child had a hand in it’s creation!

Our “Little Critter Collage” project came out of the Eric Carle Art Literacy unit I recently did at the preschool.  As part of that project the students painted on various kinds of paper and created bug collages.  With help from Mali Geister, she and I took the left over student painted paper and glued pieces on 3 canvases.  We decided on a outdoor critter theme as it was gender neutral and thought it would look good in anyone’s room or play room.  Here are our results:

The next project was a bit more involved to say the least.  Here we have taken handmade, and hand glazed tiles by the Preschool students and with a great deal of help from my husband Kyle and friends Dana and Mali Geister ,we have created mosaic mirrors.  This was such a special project because the students got to see the magical transformation that happens especially with the glazing aspect of ceramics.  Now this is project is still very much a work in progress because we still have not finished the wood, or grouted the tiles yet.  But I didn’t want to give everything away for those of you attending the auction.  But here is a sneak peak of how things are looking.

Thanks again to Dana & Mali, Jeni, Jen, Mindy & Kyle for all the help with these projects.  We make a great team!

2 Comments to Classroom Auction Projects

  1. Mindy

    We DO make a great team…..but you definitely make a GREAT leader!

  2. Dian

    The mirror looks great! I’m sure it will be a hit at the auction.

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