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The Art of Eric Carle

The Art of Eric Carle

Just finished teaching an art lesson about Eric Carle to a Preschool group of children ages 3 and 4.  I have to say, we had so much fun!  Eric Carle’s illustrations are loved by many, they are bright and textured, and inspiring when working on a collage.  Working with Preschoolers I had to make my introduction to Eric Carle the person brief.  We had a few of his books out highlighting insects and we talked about the word “COLLAGE” from French meaning “to glue”.  Here is a little synopsis about Eric Carle that I used:

Eric Carle grew up and studied Art in Germany. He had a difficult childhood and could not wait to move back to his birthplace of New York City. He arrived in New York in 1952 with only $45 to his name. He got a job at the New York Times Newspaper office in their marketing department as a graphic designer. Educator and Author Bill Martin Jr. saw an advertisement Eric Carle had done that contained an illustration of a lobster. He liked it so much he asked if he would illustrate his new book Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see? Eric Carle enjoyed the experience so much he continued on his own and wrote 123 Zoo and The Very Hungary Catapillar which turned out to be his most famous book. Presently he has written or illustrated over 70 books.

To view a PDF version of the complete lesson plan click here:

In this lesson, students use previously painted paper to cut out shapes and glue them together to create an insect of their own design.   Below is one of my favorites, I loved how the texture of the red paper plate looks like a beetles pinchers.  This was a fantastic lesson for early child centers or Kindergarten I will definitely be doing this one again!

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